Hey just a quick one.

I met Johnny Marr the other day, and we got talking about guitars. Ive just bought a 62 Fender Jaguar and Johnny recommended that I fit a Mustang bridge (or pick-ups) insteads of the Jags.

Does anyone know the significance of this, what would be better? And a rough cost estimate?

Kind regards, any help would be greatly appreciated.
The stock Jag bridge tends to rattle and strings tend to jump out of their slot, although this can be eliminated with a really good setup and constant tweaking.

The mustang bridge is generally just a more solid design, the only real downside to using it is that it doesn't have height adjustable saddles though that isn't particularly important on a 62 Jag seeing as they all have the same fretboard radius. The bridge would probably set you back about $20 and to fit it you just need to remove the jag bridge, wrap electrical tape around the posts of the mustang bridge until it only just fits in the bridge holes, then put it in place.

It's really a standard mod that most people do to make their jag a little more user-friendly. If you want to shell out more for something supposedly even better, look up a mastery bridge. Big thing to note: Do not get a warmoth modified mustang bridge or one with graphtech saddles. Those one are height adjustable, but they tend to arse about with your string spacing.
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