Hey, I just learned the second master of puppets olo, bit i'm completely stuck on the squealy sound. I dont have a tremolo bar, but I do have a digitech whammy pedal. I've tried a few different things with it, but i can't get close to the right sound. Has anyone done this, or will it even work?

Natural Harmonic on the "2.5th fret" - IE between then 2nd and 3rd frets, but slightly closer to the 3rd - on the G string is apparently the closest you can get. Then raise/d*ck around with the note with the whammy bar - I guess if you haven't got a two-way trem you could try the whammy pedal here.
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Thanks, I thought it was pinch harmonics, getting a lot closer now
I do a natural harmonic on the 3rd of the G string and whammy it with whammy bar for the first bit bring it up then down up down up quickly the the same again but bring it up higher than the first time.