One of my new favorite ablums - 1982's Bad Brains self titled record. Just amazing...

Anyway. Anyone have some insight into Dr. Know's tone on that album? Sounds so glassy on the solos. Probably some compression. Don't know what else to look for. Any ideas? I'm pretty new to going outside my Marshall's 1980's gain for punk rock...
Holy Crap thats a good question!
All i can say is test out a few fuzz box's , Pro Co Rat, Fuzz Face, Big Muff.
alot of hardcore punk CD's didnt have much polished production on them, so just use a lot of gain and treble.

sorry that im not much help.
Yea, fuzz too. Not sure what pedal he uses. I've got a big muff pi, but I can't get that sound (or anything close) out of it through a single coil or humbucker setup...

Dead Kennedy's share some similarities in that glassy tone that I'm chasing in some ways too.

I just don't want to spend a pile of cake finding it...
I don't know anything about Bad Brains, but they're all black so I assume that they got their tone by eating bananas and smoking the reefer.

In all seriousness, check the punk gear thread, because I vaguely remember there being something in there about it.
Thanks. Punk gear thread? That the 52 pager I looked through a bit? Needle in a hay stack...