I didnt know where to put this so i thought this'd be the best place..

anyways I want some good songs (easy recognizable) but not easy to perform... to be played on bass and electric... Something to show your power... you know like Binge and Grab By Buckethead... or something like that.. something to sound full with only me and my bassist... hmm the style is not a big problem.. anything within Rock to Metal... (mostly 60 to 80/90s)

any suggestion??
SRV, most technical/recognisable song is probably Texas Flood

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing will always get you noticed if you can pull it off. Otherwise go down the Purple Haze road.
give us some idea of your ability?

Also any chance you can put on a drum machine in the background?
you just jamming it or is it for some show?

Maybe try:
crossroads by cream
beatles stuff - i love ringo, but hey he was missable sometimes...
other than that i really struggle to think of good music that can be played minus drums :s (that is rock guitar/bass playable before a smartypants says "classical stuff")
yeah well i see.. nah i think it won't be possible to put a drum track its just a jam i think... well public jam somekinda

Im pretty fast. good at improvising.. may be tapping and arpeggios too... yeah pretty skillful... (that's what others say... they say im AWESOME.. tho i never get satisfied 100% of my abilities) hmm i 've tried the Bucket Head Binge and Grab and it's nopt bad for this purposes.. anything like that may be?? hmm may be EVH?? i dono his songs pretty well