If there is anyone out there that would like to start a metal band online due to travel distance and living in other states i need you. Im serious about my music and would really like to start a serious band. If you live in the Comanche county or erath county area in texas, then we can start a band striaght up.
I know alot of people and i can probably get a real band into Ozzfest or something. If not then i would just like to start a band on the internet. It would be all metal, lamb of God, BFMV, Metallica, those kinds of styles. I play lead guitar and can do a little soloing but i really prefer not to.

I need-
Two more guitarist/ for putting together some wicked solos
Drummer/ if not we can use computerized drums/ But i would like someone that can play double bass drums like lamb of God.
And Last but not least i need a singer, if you can scream, growl i dont care but i need a singer.
And if anyone can write lyrics it would be nice.

Im serious about this so yall let me know and ill get back to you.
Ok ill revise this, i will put together two bands. One on the internet and the other if you live in my area.
I can write lyrics if you would like. And if you don't find an actual drummer I can also do drums, but they will be from a drum program.

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Ok i need to know who is in so i can start putting names on the bands profile.
I can do guitar if you still need someone else. Our influences are very similar
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Ok everyone, im moving all my comments about the band over the Second Arising thread so if you want to sign up or comment on it go to that thread.
dude i live in stephenville and have been playing guitar fir ten years. i i also know another guitarist that would be down. and i might also be able to get ahold of a drummer that my buddy knows that live here. for real man im not bullshitting either. hit me up!