Well yeah...I don't like my crybaby. I was going to mod it so it would become true bypass and change the resistor but am thinking its too much effort when I could sell it for something else.

What do you think?

I like morleys.

Please suggest...Thanks
On the morley side...I've owned the Tremonti and power wah in the past. Out of those two, I'd recommend the power wah for what you play. Its great for the vintage stuff like hendrix, but can still handle some of the higher gain stuff. The Tremonti wah is geared more towards the high gain side....which it does VERY well IMO. I've played the Steve Vai wah...but didn't really spend enough time with it to comment on it. Best thing you can do is go try some out. Most music stores should carry the morley stuff.
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thanks man thats good help

Ill go test em if I find any in my area

Thats the best thing to do, just try out all the wahs they have in store. You might not like your Dunlop, but you might like one of their other models.