I hope I'm on the right thread...

I bough recently a Line-6 Toneport UX-1 and installed the gearbox software that comes with it on my PC (on XP). It simulates different types of amps. I want to know how I can switch between 2 presets with my foot to be able to switch from clean to distortion.
im assuming you have a footswitch?

you need to go into line 6 edit (if you dont have it already download it) and using that you can programme your footswitch to do whatever the hell you want.

EDIT: also, im not sure about the toneport, i use a podxt, but if you have the right footswitch you just need to load the tones onto the toneport, and plug your switch in and you should be able to change...
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Just asking, are you using this as an amp?
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