Hi guys, girls and old men i have a question regarding my latest investment. I went online on the world wide web. And visited several homepages to find my newly bought operator. The Line 6 pod studio UX2.

And now i wonder is it a way to get it to sound through my speakers while im playing. not just when i listen to the recorded part. Or use headphones.
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Use the pod studio as a soundcard and plug your computer speakers into the headphone out or whatever...

otherwise use a cable to connect the headphone out to the input of your soundcard. activate the input, turn it up and you should have a "monitor sound" on your speakers...

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You can't, you have to use headphones.

yes, you can. I run the patch cable to a set of active studio monitors. It plays anything going through the toneport or coming from my computer. I use it as a practice amp of sorts for when Im sitting at my desk.
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Yes there is, I have one and I use it as default my sound card

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