hey guys im 14 years old and iv finaly got a video of my canon rock

it is shabby in quite a few places and it is off my web cam so its not that great but i will rerecord a better version when i get a camera, but for this version please let me hear your thoughts.

PLEASE RATE IT honestly on how good you think it is because this gives me a good indicator to where i stand

thanks for the views guys but i havnt had any feedback yet and PLEASE rate this is hugely important to me thanks
Just writing this as I listen.

Work on your bends, and the 'verse' part seems a bit sloppy (maybe a tad much gain?)

Theres times when you are hitting more than string and its making it seem like a mess of distortion.

I think you are very good and if you just worked on those aspects it would be excellent.
yeah thanks, i dont have trouble bending usually but towards the end its a bit shabby, i will record in the audio via interface next time as soon as i get one and i do tend to usually hit more than one string which is a shame :Pi will have a go with less distortion as well.

oh yea please rate the vid as well and thanks for your critism
Nice one! Get yurself a FR for that version. Great though, keep at it!
update there will be a new version coming soon which will be better quality as im getting my interface at the weekend but for now please give your thoughts and oppinions in this one now but i will let you know when my new one is up also what does FR mean?
Clean it up a little bit. Turn down the gain and make sure that you stop the notes when they aren't supposed to be playing anymore.
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yeah in my next recording i am going to turn the gain down, and thanks for the tips will bear them in mind
hey guys thanks for all the great feed back please rate 5 stars and suscribe as my new version will be up shortly, btw i know i messed up a few bends at the end but that was not today with finger strengthening that was just a few slip ups my finger strengthening is fine thank
I rated it 5 stars, of course, but why do you care so much? To prove something to a friend or something?... Just curious.
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I wish I was that good when I was 14.. or even now. haha.
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thanks guys, the reason why i want it rated high is beacause it means it gets more veiws as its "top rated" thanks guys a new video will come up soon much better quality and please subscribe if you can so you will be able to see my new video when it comes out
I heard nothing wrong with it... I didn't think it was too sloppy, I've heard better because I play in a band with guitarists that love their harmonies and arpeggios, but they are a lot older.

Good job, mate.
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