OK now I know there are stickies on this but I am totally lost in all the recording jargon.

All my gear and instruments are in a room fairly far away from computers so I'm looking for some kind of portable recorder. My budget's about £250 ($500?). I have Audacity and Reaper on my computer running Windows XP, and I have a DI jack (which is terrible quality but provides some form of input). I also have access to mic's so I can put a mic between the amp and the recorder rather than a straight line-in.

Any recommendations? If there's a way of bypassing computers totally that'd be perfect, and tbh as little interface with them as possible would be preferred (my computer has a habit of doing bizarre, unexplainable things like doubling tracks for no reason while editing/overdubbing).

I don't need CD/iPod direct burning capabilites or anything like that, but obviously the more uses the better. I'm going to be using it for both recording jam sessions and full songs instrument/track-by track, but the latter is probably more important in terms of quality.