I currently own:

EHX Memory Boy - Delay

Boss CE-5 - Chorus

Boss HF-2 - Flange

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah

And have on the way a Jekyll and Hyde distortion pedal.

Do you think its a good idea to buy this boss noise supressor for £40 second hand?

Its a bit cheaper than i'd usually get it for, but am not sure if i'd need it...although the distortion might be really noisy.

Should I just buy it?

Might as well, unless your amps dead quiet. Plus with the distortion pedal you might be better off having that reassurance.

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do you currently have a problem with noise, that you've been unable to solve otherwise? if so, yes.

do you think it is likely that your distortion will give you a major noise problem, and if it does not will you be able to sell the pedal on without a loss? if so yes.

if those conditions are not met, no.
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