I like your voice. The quality is a bit bad though (but my laptop speakers could be blamed for that :P).

I like the songs you write. I think I already criticized some songs of you a couple of months ago. I think your songs have a high recognition value. Very smooth guitar playing plus your warm voice is a really nice combination.

Keep up the good work!

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really liked it! the "momma won't know" line made me chuckle. your voice is really unique and does really with the style of the song. good stuff man.

let me know what you think of mine

oh also i love the different vocal tracks. added a lot for me.
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first off thanks a lot for your comments on my song.

*starts listening*
First off your voice is something special, I haven't really heard anyone else sound like this before.The guitar also flows nicely, but its a little too quiet in most parts - your fingers sliding on the strings in between chord changes actually ends up louder than the notes you play. The progression here is also really nice, I like how the song develops and all the parts fit together well. The lyrics are noteworthy too if I may add. Though I think toward the end maybe one extra instrument fit in subtly could make a nice difference and make it a little more climactic.
I really enjoyed this tune; I'd love to hear more.
I think it just needs more, everything is good, It just needs some more instrumentation to make everything stand out to the fullest. And the guitar sliding noise is a little too loud. Other than that good work. I liked the lyrics. Sorry it took me so long to listen and crit yours. I've been a little busy.
So... Jeff Lynne is still making music.. all is well.

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Not really my cup of tea, but here's what I thought. The guitar could have been a bit higher in the mix. Wasn't really a fan of the octave below vocal double. If you're going to double the octave below, it's best to have it very quiet. Other than that it was pleasing to listen to and there weren't any instances of bad timing or wrong notes that i noticed. Good job.
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Not bad. Not my cup of tea, but pretty nice. The lyrics are really funny, as they usually are. Keep it up.
Pretty cool song. The guitar was good, the chords were a bit generic though imo, but for poppier songs that's totally fine. The lyrics were great though lol, and your voice is good too. Not really my thing but it pretty good all in all.
good enough for what it is. i agree with the octave doubling issue, i dont like the sound of the low vocals there. i also thought it was kind of strange since its supposed to be a woman saying those words

aside from that it is pretty solid, good track