I have my nice little VOX Cambridge 30 Twin Reverb. Man it can really cook...for like 15 minutes. Then it craps out, and becomes puny. I play in a band with 3 guitars, so I need some oomph and endurance. I've read all over the web that the thing to do is change the crappy stock optocoupler. For the life of me I can't find what part I need, nor instructions on how to go about doing it. Any help guys? Or suggestions as to where I could find this stuff on the web? HarmonyCentral is a mess of non-information.

Thanks a million!

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well if you had a schematic that would answer the question of what you need. you should just be able to read the numbers right off the chip though. as for changing it, that'd be pretty self-explanatory. desolder the old chip and put the new one in, making sure to orient it correctly (make sure the pin 1 index dot/notch is facing the same direction).