EC-1000 (EMG's)>Barber Dirty Bomb>Crate Palomino V50(Tube) clean channel
Standard tuning/half step down

I had a good clean sound but as soon as I hit the dirty bomb I couldn't get a good sound for nothing. I tried and tried and all I could get was a fizzy static sound. Like a swarm of bees in a tin can. Couldn't distinguish a chord. Battery in pedal is new and battery in EC hasn't been used to much so that shouldn't be the problem. I lost interest in playing it sounded so bad. I went through all the recommend settings that came with the dirty bomb hoping for something that sounded decent and found none. Then tweaked it from there and still nothing. I'm not very good at setting eq though. Any idea how I could get a good tone out of this setup?

Please no get a new amp posts. This is what I have to work with and can't afford to get a new amp at this time.
Go listen to another pedal in a shop or on the internet and see if its meant to sound like that. Otherwise check cables, could be faulty as i dont know what its meant to sound like


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Try turning the gain down on the pedal so that you can get a clearer distortion out of it and then from there you can tweak the Treble and Bass to your liking
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whats a dirty bomb?


The clips I've heard on the net sound nothing like it. I'm sure I wouldn't find one in a shop as it is a boutique pedal.

Edit: I had the gain pretty low at one point but didn't stick to dialing it in. I'll give that a try. But this pedal is supposed to hold out on higher gain settings unlike other pedals.
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I'm guessing it has to be my amp not being voiced right for such high gain. But I thought it should sound ok on the clean channel.
try the volume, treble, and bass knobs at 12 o clock, and the gain at 9. but that's probably not it if you've tried multiple settings... however, did you know there is a bass boost control trim pot inside the pedal? Something might have happened to it to make the pedal sound that way.

yea i know about the internal trim pot. Might be something wrong. Wish I had someway to record. I'll fiddle around with it more tomorrow and see what happens.

Also I noticed a hissing coming thru the amp when Id turn up the volume on the amp and turn up the gain in the pedal
See if you can record some clips. If you can't do it till tomorrow or so, send me a pm and I'll see what it might be. It could just be your amp. It's not a high gain amp, so maybe it's not handling the pedal that well. But, it should. I think those things are pretty pedal friendly, and usually it doesn't matter when it comes to distortion pedals. Does it sound really tinny or just hissy? Is it unusable? Can your guitar cut through the noise?

I'll see if I can find something to record with tomorrow. It's just super fizzy. There is no noise when I'm not playing except for the light hissing. When I play it sounds like I've pissed off a million bees. Can't distinguish chords. No definition. Everything is just sterile and beyond fizzy. Like listening to alka seltzer dissolve in a glass of water lol.
Treble and Mid: 12 o clock, Bass: 2 o clock.

I'm pretty sure my laptop has a mic built in so I should be able to record a couple clips tomorrow. Won't be the best but it should give you an idea of what I'm talking about.