I was just wondering what damages cold weather might have on an acoustic guitar. See, right now I don't have a case that fits my new guitar, and I want to take it to my church, but I don't know what the weather could do, considering it'd be moving from 70 degree weather to 20 and then back after about 10 minutes. I know long exposure can cause damanges, but how about short changes? Thanks!
it might go out of tune thats about it
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The main concern here isn't your guitar drying out. It's whether or not your guitar can survive that sudden drop in room temperature. I'd be very wary of doing what you're suggesting. Even for 10 minutes. The sudden changes in temperature are enough to make the thin wood crack upon exposure to the cold or vice versa.

If you can't take a baby outside without clothes on(not that I'm suggesting you ever should), you shouldn't be doing it to your guitar either.
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wood is organic, and it shrinks and expands with cold and heat. glue also shrinks and expands, but a different amount, and also at a different rate. that means that each time your guitar experiences a change in temperature, all the joints will be put under stress. also because of the rapidness of the temperature changes, the wood will be expanding, contracting and expanding again very quickly, which is also not good. smart players let their guitars warm gradually if they have been subject to cold - it makes it less likely it will be damaged. and they rarely take their guitars into situations where they themselves are not comfortable.

i wouldn't recommend doing this, but if you feel you must take your guitar out in the cold and then into the warm, wrap your guitar with several blankets, and then when you get it to church, don't pull the blankets off - give your guitar time to warm up gradually - you can minimize the damage.

even better, get a very well padded gig bad and make sure the guitar you take with you is all laminate. and the best solution - get a carbon fiber guitar, which isn't affected by temperature changes.
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How about you get a case....? Even a cheap soft case....would be better than nothing. I'd at least try to get it in something.....unless its a cheap guitar then i might not care.