Due to a monumental **** up, I am now in possesion of two EHX Metal Muffs. I plan on keeping them both but was wondering if anyone has had any experience in modding a muff of the metal, so that can get a different tone by means of switching between the two as at current i find the pedal to have a fairly limited range of tones.
Running into a solid state amp so running both standard pedals at once won't drive the amp well.
I like chips
Thanks in advance!
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I wouldn't use this necessarily on a solid state amp but it depends I guess. There are tons of mods for this pedal on-line. Which is where we are now.


However, if you don't mind me asking, what amp are you running these through?
Running through Orange Crush 30R at the moment, for bedroom pratice. I'm more than happy with current tone, running with a sinlge EHX metal m1nge. Old google chops didn't yield results so yeah.
And why did the swear filter thingy '****'ify my 1st post? I don't remember puttting anything remotely rude in it! Ah well