Hey there, I'm promoting my band Endeavor. We've just recently got out of the studio for an EP and are playin shows and such. I'd like to consider us as different from your average screaming, heavy as hell, lets mosh, band. I know we're not perfect and we could do better in some areas so all feedback, even negative, would be especially appreciated.

Check out our myspace,


Thank you.
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The heavy palm muted "breakdowns" and growling in "Start Where You Stand" doesn't seem to fit the song or your style in general. The same goes for a few other songs, but it's very noticeable the song mentioned above. Lead vocals definitely need work. From the recordings, it sounds like a technique issue. All in all, it sounds descent but you really need to focus on improving vocals.
Eudslack, I completely understand what your saying. I'm not the biggest fan of his voice either, but he's a good friend of ours and I think if we pushed him he could do better. If not, then time to get a new singer.
I very much like your music bro. It has very nice melodic progressions and it offers a variety which is always good.
It doesn't matter if he is a friend or not. What it comes down to is whether or not you guys like making music together. If you enjoy yourselves while playing together, that's all that counts.
But if he is open to constructive criticism, then it wouldn't hurt to "push" him a little (as you put it) to help your sound or simply show him a few instructional videos from youtube on how to scream. To me (I scream as well), it sounds like a technique issue. He seems as though he is using his lungs too much, if that makes any sense. He is allowing way to much air to come out. What works for me is to tighten my abdomen and bring the entire scream from the abdomen (it's the same tightening in your abdomen muscles that you feel when your straining to take a dump...lol).
Yeah.. he loses his voice after the first song which is... very bad.. I'm gonna have a talk with him.
No bassist? Ah well, hard to come by, sounds good though, also love your advertisment as apposed to a cruddy pre made skin. The growling is good though a combo of both growls and standard singing from another band memeber will give your vocals some dynamic as well as giving your lead singer a chance to recover like in Fear for example, a singer with a more tenor octavie singing alongside the growing would sound epic.
Otherwise, good recordings, dont be discouraged at all.
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