Alright so here's the deal. I am really frustrated with my current project. I was attempting to redo an hss strat to just a single Hum, single vol set up. I followed the directions of the wiring diagram, which were very simple. was my first time soldering anything but I didnt see a problem in anything I did. so I thought it could have been the pickup (Its a gfs so I was a bit weary about it) but idk I put the old guard back on and re-soldered the old electronics, still the porblem is there. (and I am doing a couplete electronic change btw, new pickup, new pot, etc) here's the whole problem. the hum is unbelieve, even when I touch a single finger to a string, I get the rediculous hum, and it overpowers all of my playing. I don't understand what I did wrong, you think I may have soldered too much? i mean It didnt look that much different from the orignal (everything but 2 pups is stock on the orignal guard, wich is now back on it, still with the rediculous hum.) Idk what to do.
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you prolly swapped the jack wires.

nah I followed the diagram, and I used the right ones, but I thought i could have been that, so I tried it again and got nothing at all from it, not even the slightest noise. I dont think the gfs humbucker would be that good, amirite? i'm done with it today but I'll try again tomorrow. might have been right after I switched them, who knows. I also suspect that maybe the jack wires are a bit worn out? or maybe I could have just over soldered them? (which i dont beleive I did tbh)
gfs pups are pretty damn good. you cant really "over solder" a connection and have it do that. what it sounds like to me is you have a lifted ground (from the jack) or have swapped the jack wires.

you can follow all the diagrams you want, people still make mistakes. especially if they don't know how to tell which lug is which.
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you prolly swapped the jack wires.

nah I followed the diagram,
Nah, that's the point. You didn't.
You've miswired somewhere along the line here.
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ok, I used: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=1hum_1vol

from what I heard, they are the same configuration as far as the wires go. where it says wire the tip to the 2nd prong, I did so. I also soldered the thrid prong to the pot along with the sleeve. but i don't know, as I said, i will try again later. also, the pickup I am installing is The crunchy rails
On a tangent here, is the cavity of the strat shielded by aluminium foil or conductive paint? I'm aware that this won't make a tremendous difference with the humbucker, but it may help just a tiny bit.

Is there also a grounding wire from the tremelo to where you connected the other grounds?