Guys, Ive recently had lots of pain and nerve damage to my right hand that hasn't allowed me to write properly its called writers cramp. I use to play through the pain and never realized I was hurting myself. I still am not able to write properly and I am going for treatment soon

So I had to take a hiatus from guitar. I've been playing for three years now. I haven't played for the last 4 months even though I want to.

Before I get back into (after the treatment) it I want to know if I am holding the pick right, the strap is set at the right length and if whatever else I might be doing wrong. So I included some pictures of me holding the guitar like I normally do and you guys let me know.

I have even circled the area's in red that I feel pain. Even today after the 4 month hiatus I feel pain in the same regions if i play for ten minutes.

My right shoulder blade and the inside part of my forearm the muscles near the elbow




thanks guys I really appreciate it

btw I did try playing sitting down and I sustained another nerve injury. called drop foot because I put the guitar on my leg and the chair i sat on and the guitar squeezed my nerve.

Looks like my nervous system sucks.

What I have noticed is that I should put the guitar to my side a bit and it wont stretch my shoulder blade outward. I could try that.

Answers to posts:

1. Im not sure how I support my fingers I think depending on what im playing sometimes Its on the thumb itself and then sometimes its the back of my hand. Not sure though

2. I used to play with more of an angle in my picking hands wrist with my hand pointing inward and my right wrist protruding outwardly. Kind of like a C shape. I think that it made all the muslces on the inside of my forearm become tight and damaged my nerves which is why i cant write. Im trying to keep my wrist flat to the body to prevent disproportionate and unequal muscle usage of my forearm.
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Try putting the guitar a little higher.
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Everything looks good.
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maybe you should try sitting down mate?
it's a wee bit more comfortable, and would probably help with that ache of yours

just remember, sit up straight now boy-o
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there's really no "right" way. just play however feels the most comfortable to you. I play somewhat similar, i tend to put the guitar more on my side than directly in front.
Put it where it's comfortable. If it's too high or low you'll have trouble accessing the higher frets. Wear it where you're not going to be tweaking your wrist too much and end up getting cysts in your wrist or worse, carpel tunnel. If it hurts, it's not right.
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I have had some similar problems in the past that I only got when I played sitting because I would tend to be in kind of a laid back position and I figured it was happening because of the way my back was twisting. It looks to me like you are doing something similar while you stand. Maybe try centering your guitar with your body weight so you aren't twisting your back at all.
Try putting the guitar a little lower, bend over it a little, hold your head up, twist your right ankle 17 degrees to the right and hold your pick a little bit more firmly. Also don't forget to plug your guitar into the amp.
everything looks fine so far.
but, I'd angle the pick a little (to like 30°-45° downwards). theres a good video of paul gilbert talking about that on youtube, i guess its called "paul gilbert picking lesson", but i'm not quite sure.
for the pain:
when you're having pain playing, first move: try to keep your muscles relaxed, ALWAYS! second move: maybe you should try to adjust the length of your strap. try to make it longer or shorter until it's comfortable.

or, maybe the best thing you can do:
play sitting in classical position (guitar between your legs).

good look though
theres only one thing I would change and that is your thumb, if I hold my guitar in that position i'll get cramps in no time.

it seems as if you are holding your guitar up, try playing your guitar in the position it hangs and placing your thumb on the back of the neck in a vertical position, this way you'll have less resistance if you are moving up/down the neck

anyhow it isn't a shame if it doesn't feel good to you that way. many people hold the guitar the way you do and pull it off perfectly.

Imo there is no "best" way to hold a guitar, it varies from person to person and you should just play the way it feels the most comfortable to you.

if however you feel pain in your arms/hands after a while of playing you should look into holding it differently

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