Well I'm paranoid whenever it comes to buying something and I'd like to make sure this guitar is legit... It's a G&L Legacy USA.

Here's the ad: http://montreal.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical-instruments-guitars-2000-G-L-LEGACY-USA-BLONDE-VRAIMENT-IMPECABLE-W0QQAdIdZ178068173#

Here's a translation of the ad: G&L Legacy USA, made in 2000, comes with the certificate of authenticity, SD SH1B in the bridge position, new chrome knobs, comes with old knobs and pickup.

So I was suprised at how low the price was (they retail for around 1400$ where I live)
And also noticed it didn't say "Guitars by Leo" on the headstock, under the G&L Legacy logo (as seen here: http://www.avenue-guitars.com/Viewing/Electrics/GL%20Legacy%20Nat%20HS.JPG)