I have a like-new Rivera KR7 (black tolex) that I need to sell. The amp is literally like-new, very few hours and comes with the MIDI Headmaster footboard. This is basically a Knucklehead Reverb "tuned" by one of the Slipknot guys. I couldn't care less about Slipknot, but the amp has 3 channels, reverb, boosts for all channels and is pretty wild. Great Rivera cleans and crazy overdrive channels. The 2nd channel is gooey overdrive goodness with tons of sustain and the 3rd channel is mayhem. The amp is one of the loudest amps I have ever had, on par with my old K-Tre which was damn loud. I use the send/return of the FX loop to lessen the preamp volume sensitivity and it produces very good tones at reasonable volumes.

I dig the amp, but for me it swims in similar waters to my Herbert and Triple Rec in terms of tones. Since I got the amp, I haven't even turned on my other amps...the Rivera is FUN to play. Sale price is $2,000 shipped CONUS. Plenty of references at HC, Rig-Talk, TGP.

The Rivera site does a terrible job of demoing the amp, almost like they are trying to market it as a non fire-breathing high gain amp of destruction, which it really is...however the unboosted overdrive channels really offer a variety of tones.

The amp is a mid-2009 model. No trades please.

PM or traynewater AT sbcglobal DOT net with any interest!!
hey man would u maby concider shipping to the UK

If all else fails I just might, but I would like to keep it in the continental US. I will keep this in mind, but I can't imagine that it wouldn't be super expensive to ship this monster over there!!