I've got a PRETTY GOOD price for it and I'm seriously considering on buying it so I wanted if you guys could give me some advice about it and about my purchase, tell me all you know please.

Also could someone explain me how the Active/Passive system works and what's its purpose? And also please tell me if I can use an Active Bass as a Passive one maybe turning "something" off? If I run out of battery in the middle of a gig will it turn completely silent? Thanks!!

And yeah, I know, I'm a n00b @ buying basses.
Well, I got a gsr 200, and it's quite wonderful. The battery is just for boost, you can still hear it without the battery if you got an amp (which who the hell wouldn't haha), basically, it just makes it louder, but if the battery runs out, you can just raise the amp's volume haha

EDIT: Oh yeah, the bass itself sounds cool, and your would be a 205, which is even better than mine haha :P
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i got the gsr205 two and a half years ago and it still works fine, although it has seen better days. it sounds pretty decent for the price but maybe because im running it through an ashdown stack. So basically it's a good bass for the money and will last a long time, so i say go right ahead and buy it
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I would say go with the flame maple 205. Made of mahogany, and not agathis. anyways, i own the GSR 205FM, and to explain the active/passive pickups, this is what you have to do, just always keep a 9V battery in it to complete the connection of the circuit.

By doing this, it will never "die." Also, if you want to turn off the "active" boost, there is a phat boost knob. Just turn it all the way off to get right of the "active" sound feel. The phat boost knob does exactly what it says it does, boost your volume, because the pickups in the GRS 205 are passive, but have an active boost present for simply a volume boost.

Hope i helped ya out, and check out the review for the GSR 205 FM for all the little extras you get.

Cheers mate, glad to have you an another ibanez bassist brother.

Ibanez GSR205FM

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The pick ups are high output single coil passives with the phat II active bass boost for more low end power.