looking to expand my taste in experimental (wasn't sure which forum to post... SB'd but couldn't find anything so this is best I could do)

I'm into stuff like fall of troy, fear before, mars volta, closure in moscow, portugal the man, circa survive, foxy shazam

I'd like some recommendations... and especially 3 piece bands if you could
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Dance Gavin Dance!

You've probably already heard them but....

Also - Chiodos, Protest the Hero, Secret and Whisper

Maybe Prog? (Oceansize, Porcupine Tree)

Could list a lot more, and less obvious choices but It's pretty safe to say you'd like most, if not all of those. And, im lazy
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U'd probably dig Minus The Bear

And These Arms Are Snakes.
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You'd probably like The Dear Hunter. Also listen to This Town Needs Guns and If These Trees Could Talk
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