Hey there,

This is my first thread on UG really the only time I've needed to ask for help..
I have a licklibrary dvd on learning classic rock solos the one that includes stairway to heaven black magic etc, and on the first screen (where you decide from : play tracks, audio tracks etc) there's a solo that plays and I love it to bits...however I have not been able to find out what song its from or anything about it..

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm no expert, but how are people supposed to help you if they don't even know the name of the DVD or anything that could be useful?
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it's probably i cum blood
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You BUY learning videos? Well I get 'em off the net for free
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You BUY learning videos? Well I get 'em off the net for free

He didn't say he bought it

But, as said above, you should give more details about the dvd.
Well if it isn't one of the solos listed on the website then it's probably just a solo they made for the DVD.
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