So yesterday when me and my buddies were making our new sound gear room for our youth group, we moved a lot of stuff around, and we moved the mixer board multiple times. After we got everything hooked up and plugged in, we tried to get the board to work, but it wouldn't, after hours of tinkering, we found that we could only get volume from each channel when FX 2 volume was turned up.

The problem is that FX 2 goes through a effects processor, which can no longer be bypassed, since the bypass switch no longer works. So what I've done is turned the dampening and volume of the effects to 0 and put it on the med hall effect, and it seems to be decent enough.

The board is a Mackie CFX20 20 channel mixer board, and is god knows how old. We talked to a few guys and they say the ribbons are cracked or crossing each other.

Is this fixable? And how much would it cost compared to just buying a new board?
And just in case, what kind of mixer board would you reccomend that's $600 and under, mainly for PA purposes? This might be in the wrong form for this question, but we do record with this set up as well, so maybe not.

Any help would be appreciated.
I'm guessing those techs you talked to were referring to the pod slider contacts when they said ribbons...I would go with a board if that's the case........sounds like it's time for an update anyways.

What you get depends on how many outputs/features you need and your overall budget.
I like Mackie mixers but they get expensive....Yamaha does good work too.
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Well, I was looking in the Sweet waters.com magazine, and they still make the CFX20 mixer boards, so me and my buds were wondering if we could send the board into mackie to get some money off a new mixer board, since we like the CFX20, has more channels than we need, nice effects, and just an overall good board, and I'm sure they could fix the old one for alot less than it would cost for a new one, but Idk, am I just shit out of luck?

We have a Yamaha board up there, but its like from the 60's and has voltage guages and shit like that, not to mention it dosent work.

Service sounded really fuzzy tonight, so the quicker we can get a new board the better.