So i have been trying to work on my fingerpicking and i went a bit too far last night. My index finger's tip is raw and i had a huge blister on my thumb. The blister has gone down naturally and my index finger is feeling better but i can't even touch the bass strings now. How long does it take for things like this to heal up and what can i do to build up calluses faster? thanks

edit- Ooops sorry i meant a huge blister on my middle finger. idk where my thumb came from
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honestly playing is the best way to build up the calluses... i'd say take a day or two off or practice some left hand technique and play with a pick until your fingers are ready again... might be a good time to learn some scales if you don't already know them or memorize the notes on the fret board
I have another question related to this thread. should you drain the puss out of blisters or leave it in there? I always drained it with miniscule pinpricks that would like instantly heal.
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I think you are meant to drain them. I had to do that a gig the other day (regular bass player couldnt make it and my fingers were not prepared for 2 hour long sets). Used a pick second half.

To TS usually takes 2-3days to heal enough for you to play bass again.
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If you're gonna drain, use a sterilised needle and wrap up afterwards to minimise the risk of infection.

To be hones though, there's no real need to drain a blister. Just leave it alone and don't play with it.
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I would take it easy on the bass playing, drain that blister, and then wrap it up. If you absolutely MUST play put some masking tape around your finger tips to play so they can heal.
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Your story reminds me of some storys I heard about Flea at his live show's back in the day. When he was really into slapping, more than he is now even. By the mid point of the show he wore a huge hole in his thumb. So after every song he would run over to the side of the stage and a gutiar tech would littreally pour half a tube of crazy glue in the hole, while he was screaming in pain of course. Then he would go out rock the hell out of the next song, then get the hole filled again right after that song ended. The show must go on =)