Hey guys
I've been playing both guitar and drums since i was 6 years old , and love both.
But these days i've been playing guitar so much more than drums , and considering selling my drums. Its a pearl masters set , with pearl eliminators , ziljian a's all round. So would get some nice money for it

Its not just because i don't play drums anymore because i would buy a smaller electric kit so im not 'drum-less'. DAMN , i've got to stop waffling :P
So the question is , has anyone else had this with an instrument where they have played 2 instruments , but decided to drop one to focus COMPLETELY on another?

Hope you can decipher that load of waffle :P
I've played piano since I was 4, learned guitar at 12, then dropped piano for guitar. You're not alone
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I know that Suzuki from Vital Remains plays both the guitar and drums at a pretty high level...but not just one or the other.
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Picked up guitar at 6, picked up drums when I was 10 for about 3 years, then I kind of lost interest.

Oh and also, just thought I'd mention...
i like waffles...
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I play both drums and guitar, I'm a bit better at drums than guitar. Started seriously drumming when I was 12, picked up guitar at 14. Now I'm finding myself sitting here years later programming drum riffs that I've written into FL9 and recording my own guitar riffs over them. I'd rather be a one man band than amazingly good at one instrument and horrible at the other.
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I started playing drums around 14 years old. Started playing guitar around 18. Am now almost 28.

I don't focus ENTIRELY on guitar now, and I'm certainly not going to sell my drums anytime soon, but I do play wayyyy more guitar than drums.

That's largely a factor of being able to play guitar while sitting on my couch watching TV. And also, I've only started to really improve on guitar in the last 2 years, so it's been keeping my attention quite well.
I can ever-so-slightly play drums (you know, a basic 8th note/16th note/gallop/shuffle, but that's about it), and I can play bass with a reasonable level of skill, though I'm FAR better at guitar than I am at bass or drums, especially drums.

On an unrelated note, I want to learn how to play sax.
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Adam D from Killswitch started as the drummer for their band. I think on end of heartache he switched to guitar.

Its not a bad thing by any means, I am starting to learn drums. But, primarily because our band can't find a drummer.
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Yes that one of the main reasons i want to pursue just guitar. You can play it in the middle of the night fine , drums - no way. Unless you have a massive hour or soundproof.

But i will still do rudiments on practice pads so can still drum a bit.

Good im not alone , glad people don't think im a complete moron not carrying on drums aswell xD Just want to be really good at one , can't at all - unfortunately im not Stevie Wonder :P
It sounds bizzare. But playing the drums really helped my guitar.
I think its just the timing aspect , im not sure though.
So selling my kit , except double pedals. So i can use them and snare practice pad to do rudiments.
But the rest will be sold (hopefully) and that money will be spent on guitar :P

Dave Grohl plays both. I'm not sure which he picked up first though.
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It sounds bizzare. But playing the drums really helped my guitar.
I think its just the timing aspect , im not sure though.

I started drumming about a year after i started guitar and it greatly improved my timing skills, especially when jamming with a drummer.
the guitar player in my friends band also laid down the drum tracks and the bass tracks on their new demo. and its tech/death metal. he is a mad man.
I started drumming when I was 11 years old. But as I got into some of the heavier bands, I also picked up on some of the amazing guitar work they did. I even sometimes played "air guitar" with drum-sticks, so yeah...

I have a tiny electronic drum kit, because I still love playing drums religiously.

I will say though, the drumming really helped me ease into the guitar because of the similarities of having both of your hands doing different things, while staying in time.
Niceee , yeah it really helped.
One thing im worried about is that guitarists are alot more common than drummers , making finding a band harder.
But thats just a small issue i guess........and i love guitar
Also , their are so many different styles of guitar
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I wouldnt ever drop one instrument to go for another, I would work on both. That is why I play so many instruments now.

Sometimes lack of free time only makes it possible to focus enough time on one instrument.
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Dave Grohl plays both. I'm not sure which he picked up first though.

Prob drums, as he was Nirvana's drummer
I'm somewhat certain Thomas Erak of The Fall of Troy was originally a drummer.
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