not sure if this is the right place but...
I'm looking to get a pa system for my 2 piece band. I play guitar and do vocals with a drummer.
I'm looking at an old kustom model 795 2 6 feet tall speakers. not sure on the specs exactly as i can only find very little information about it online. so i figure trying it out would be best.
Anyone know anything about this system? or about vintage pa systems in general?
also I need a mic. dynamics seem the cheapest and most sturdy but i'd like something a little more unique. Anyone know anything about tube condenser mics? I'd like to get a little bit of a distorted tone out of the mic (not too much) maybe something like the strokes but I was also thinking rockabilly/psycobilly like vocals.
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cheap is not good.

add up your total watts and ohms and then double that. Roughly. Find Budget. Go used.

I really don't think that the "standard formula" works. I've seen people with 100+ watt guitar amps and like 300 watt bass amps use small 200 and 300 watt PAs and everything can still be heard properly.
You're looking in totally the wrong direction, I think. As great as old-school vintage gear looks (and sometimes sounds) it's an absolute pain to use and ludicrously impractical.
Using a large-diaphagm condenser for live vocals is basically impossible.
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Well, I honestly have no clue. Never bought a PA. I used to tell people get about 40-50% more than the total and then some dude came along and pawned me big time that you would need more so I'll shut up now.

I personally have no experience with PAs. But around here if you want to play somewhere you have to have your own PA system and I know bands that gig who have small, low watt PAs and they sound fine when they play.