well not re-learning per-say but improving.. anyway. im trying to learn shred / lead guitar and im stuck, what should i learn?i can do alt picking and ive been playing scales(tom morello guitar world exercise stuff) to build hand dexterity and speed and i dont know what to learn next, do i try arpeggios, sweeping, what. please help.


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learn sweeping, build your speed by using a metronome and try to learn to improvise. O and maybe some stringskipping?
Screw sweeping, at least initially.

How about actually learning some lead parts/solos? The problem most would-be soloists have initially is not one of dexterity, but that they can't follow the changes and play in time and in rhythm. I would start by working on that. Find 10 songs you like the solos from, get a backing track or loop the solo rhythm part for each one, and then learn the solos and learn to play them to the backing tracks and focus on getting your rhythm to groove with the backing track.
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