Too much distortion.. some parts are off beat, and the entire vocal is off tempo. The music was decent for the most part. Get a better way to record vocals, and practice on the flow of things, fellow.
So... Jeff Lynne is still making music.. all is well.

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right now...sounds terribly off tempo. but, sync it up, and repost it. it has potential for sure!
hahaha really not my style. Sorry man I couldn't listen past the intro, so yeah you can call an asshole lol. Is it suppose to be a parody? I hope it is, cause I'm more than certain you can make something much better. It has potential though, but with better recording it would sound like a neat idea to fit into a song. Have you ever heard of Devil Wears Prada? They're kinda gay, but I think there "rap" songs are pretty hilarious.