This will be based of the Gibson SG's Shape. Except 3/8" thicker with a slightly more exagerated body contours. Like this guitar

And a neck transition like a John Birch Sg (thanks WezV for the pic)

here is a rendering. *different inlays on the neck and headstock* maybe a different headstock shape. Not sure at all on the number or position of knobs and switches. would like to keep it to as few as possible.


6 string
25.5" scale (may have to bump the scale so i can fit all 3 of the EMG's)
24 frets
String thru body
1 11/16 nut width
Satin/chrome hardware
Fiber optics in the neck


1 3/4 thick
Deep set neck
Black Limba Body
Spalted Maple Top (acrylicized if i can find it)

Black Limba neck
Ebony Fretboard
Most Likely a Ebony venear on the headstock
LMI truss rod
Carbon Fiber Re-Enforcment Rods
Fiber Optics In Fingerboard


Neck Pickup:
Middle Pickup:
Bridge Pickup:
Bridge Electronics:
Tone control:
Tone control:
String Ferrules Top:
String Ferrules Bottom:
Onboard Tuner:
Truss Rod:
Carbon Rods:

Undecided on Fret Wire (offer suggestions please thanks)
Undecided on Knobs (offer suggestions please thanks)

I am open to all suggestion and criticism.

I do admit i am alittle lost with the wiring, If someone would be willing to help out with that and draw a scematic/diagram let me knoe and we can work out a price for your time.
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wow. this sounds like an epic build. cant wait to see this get going.
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