The song is in my profile, it's called "Chill" (the rest of the songs there are just Guitar Pro)

As the title says, it's my first attempt to record anything, and this is VERY rough, and incomplete. I just bought Cubase and some plugins the other day and without reading any manuals this is what I've managed to do.

There's supposed to be a guitar solo at 2:44. I'm hoping to get that done in the next couple days.

Anyway, comments and suggestions on improving this would be much appreciated. But please excuse the sloppy playing, I just wanted to get something down, rather then play it perfectly.
Man, it is actually really good. The only thing I would say is to mix the drums and bass in a little better, the bass at the beginning sounded too loud, but that just may be my sound settings here. I really liked it, especially when the guitar kicked in. If this is your first attempt, I really want to see what you come out with in the near future. Good luck, bro!

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That actually sounded great, I thought the bass was a little loud too, but it still wasn't bad at all. If you are going to get the solo in there I'll be looking forward to hearing that as well, because the stuff you had leading up to it sounded great. Plus since this was your first recording I'd say it was pretty damn good.
Hey this sounds really tight man. I love the nice vibe in the beginning, but when the distorted guitar comes in it feels just a tad crowded. The licks were cool, but I think there was just too many guitars. The part around 1:05ish totally surprised me. I loved that part, a very nice break. And after that, everything starts falling into place and it really takes off. The drums sounded absolutely fantastic, though a tad loud but still the drumming and the drum sound was stellar. There was also some real smooth guitar playing going on. But at like 3:50 I feel like things start to lose momentum - I don't really know whats going on here. However, the drums do manage to pick it up with some kickass beats to finish the song.
amazing sound quality, real tight song. you should have some vocals in there!

i've also got a recording i just did last weekend: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=22846593#post22846593
if you could find the time to give it a crit or at least listen that would be great.
hey there..

I like the melody of this song... it fits with the title of the song.. love it..

the only problem I have is the bass.. its probably too loud... cos through my speaker it sounded very loud...

Love the tone of your guitar...

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New version up. Fixed the kind of blues/rock break in the middle, added some extremely poorly played solos, and added the outro guitar riff and reduced the basses volume a bit.

Thanks for the crits so far, I'll have them all returned by late tomorrow.