Hello UG!

Well i've been playing guitar for about 1 year and 3 months more or less, and i noticed that i never knew what difference does it makes the tone switches on the guitar like both goes from 1 to 10 still i just don't get it :s

Another thing can anyone recomend a recording software i mean not to fancy just something average to keep it simple.

Thanks in advance
If you have a cheap guitar you probably won;t hear a big difference. Try it on the neck pickup though, you might be able to hear it more. The tone knob simply cuts out the treble freqeuncies. As for software, check out Audacity.
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Well, what guitar do you have? It's hard for us to tell you what your tone knobs do if we don't know what tone knobs you have. Generally a "tone knob" does just what it says, adjusts the tone from bright to dark. It's basically just an EQ knob for a certain frequency range.

Audacity is free. I stopped using it because it stopped working, but it's alright when it works.
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