I'm looking for some songs to play on the guitar that will have a "chilly" feel... I don't know how to describe the sound, but i'm pretty sure it's minor of some sort. The vocals of most Evanescense songs have this feel that I'm talking about. I want that sort of feel, but for the guitar.
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I don't know how to describe the sound, but i'm pretty sure it's minor of some sort.

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well, I've always found Albert "The Iceman" Collins to have a certain kind of coldness.

But emotionally, Axl Rose is the coldest. He...he just has a heart of stone.
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That's helpful.

I think maybe what you're trying to explain is the "icicle effect"?
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does the word "ethereal" describe what you mean? If so, maybe Sigur Ros can inspire you.
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Look for some band that has sucked mids AND lows.
And prefers high notes rather than chunky E gallops.

It's as grim and cold as you can get.
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i think I get what you mean...

bands like Breaking Benjamin and HIM also have that sort of icy, spacious sound.

I think having a fairly dry signal on clean notes and then some sort of modulation on your distorted tones would be a start. Aaron Fink from BB uses like Boss' Super Shifter and Chorus Ensemble pedals for that whacky digital type of modulation... depending on what guitar and amp you have, if you dont mind digital pedals, I recall that they have a very metallic, subtle flavor that suits that style of music.

you might also consider learning piano in addition to guitar. that instrument, as Elton John says, "...in fact it's cold as hell."
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