Ok, so I know that the harmonized major scale is I major, II minor, III minor, IV major, V major, VI minor, and VII diminished.

How would you use an augmented chord over a major progression, or is it considering theoretically incorrect to do so?
You couldn't do it if you wanted to stay diatonic. Augmented chords aren't diatonic to the major or natural minor keys. To use chords like that that aren't diatonic you'll need to learn about stuff like voice leading and resolving more complex chord progressions. or you could just fool around until you come up with something that sounds good, and then try to figure out why it sounds good.

as far as scales that it fits into - both the harmonic and the melodic minor have them because of the raised 7th. In both scales the III is augmented, and the V is usually major, but it can also be an augmented chord if you use the 3rd of the scale for the 5th of the chord instead of the 2nd

example in E harmonic minor:

notes are E F♯ G A B C D♯

the III chord is G B D♯ - G augmented

the V chord is B D♯ F♯ - B major.

but if you use the F♯ instead of the G then you get B D♯ G - B augmented.

it would also work in melodic minor since the only difference is that it would have a C♯ instead of a C, which doesn't pertain to those chords
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