hi, im looking for some new headphones. ive narrowed it down to a few choices. i just want some opinions on them if anyone here has a pair of them (i looked them up on Sweetwater fyi)

1. Samson CH700 $49.97
2. Sennheisher eH 150 $49.97
3. Sennheisher eH 250 $79.97
4. Direct Sound EX-25 $59.99
5. Shure SRH240 $59.99

i want a closed back design or isolation headphones, loud (enough to cover the sound of a lawn mower engine), around $50 or $60, and will stay on my head well. (i have a smaller head than most)
I hope you get some responses soon because I'm also looking for a good pair to use with my PODX3 and regular amp. I'm just using regular mp3 player style phones right now and it sucks using them while trying to play guitar. I did have a pair of old Sony's that came with a 1/8 to 1/4 adapter and long cord. I got those in the early 90's but have since lost the adapter, which is no big deal, but the fake synthetic vinyl type stuff on the big ear covers started pealing. I have since trashed them. They did last a decade but I hope to find a better pair this time.