I'm looking to get a new guitar. The guitar would be mostly used for playing metal music like Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, and other stuff like that.

I'm looking at the Dean X-Series (mainly the ml). Is this a good guitar? If not, what else can you recommend for me?

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The MLX feels awkward compared to the ML79, its not bad by any means...
Check out Rondomusic, I think they have a set neck Explorer for 300, something like that.
If you have a local shop, as always, check in there for used stuff...
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I doubt that there are many good quality thrash/groove metal specific guitars under $300. Having said that, who says you can only play metal on pretty much any electric guitar. What guitar(s) do you have atm? Personally, I love playing all different kinds of metal on my epi les paul standard ranging from metallica, pantera (minus floyd rose effects), tool and melvins.
Unfortunately for me, I've only tried a dean from the vandetta series, which wasn't that great..

I have an Ibanez GRG170dx, which I really like, you could look into an Ibanez RG2ex1.

You could also look into some schecters, the omen 6 is pretty good for metal.

Or better yet, you could go to a local store, and play a bunch and choose which one you like most. (For the record, I choose my GRG170DX over a lot of other guitars, including an Ibanez RG470DX.)
ESP or Ibanez might be two good brands to check out. If you're into heavier riffs, I strongly recommend a ESP Viper.
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I see used Schecter's on Craigslist quite often for $300 or less. Maybe that'd work?
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i get some sinister tones out of my agile dauntless with sbd pickups. maybe look for a used jackson wrxt or an omen 6?
definately go for a Schecter Omen 6
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Anything with a set of active EMGs and you're set. :p
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Go used I have gotten some great guitars on Craig's list for $100.00 or less Shecter A7 7 string=$100 DEAN ML Noir=$100, Epi Firebird=$95 and Ibanez rg series I gave my kid=$75 the least expensive new was the mid 90s Epi Firebird that went for about $350.00 new. I got my two Halos for less than 200 bucks ea used and they friggin rock! If you have 300 to spend you can score a used guitar that is at least worth twice that new!

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just a few off the top of my head
Like John said look used, I bought a Jackson Kelly with an origional Floyd rose and a set of EMG's in good condition with a hardshell case for $200 and the think rips, I love that guitar
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Get an esp mh-50
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my friend who i hardly see anymore has an ml. he brought it over and honestly i did not like it at all. i remember bending the strings a bit and it going super out of tune. the tone isn't horrible but it is pretty weak compared to my schecter omen 6.(300$ guitar). Honestly my schecter has better tone,sustain,and it stays in tune better. i'm not bragging its just that those ml guitars are more about looks first and everything else second. schecter omen 6 can get some deep crunch tones perfect for metal.
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