Hey i'm looking for feedback on a quick song idea I put together. I have a pretty good idea of how i want it to turn out but I wanted to see what you guys think

It's in my profile under the title "Grungy Metal"

It's a pretty cool little riff. Reminds me of Soundgarden in particular to an extent. I say try and get some more diversity in there and see where it goes. Best o luck!
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
Great guitar tone, cool riffs. I really like it =)
I would say its more stoner metal rather than grungy but that's just semantics hehe. Reminds me a lot of Kyuss, "Green Machine" in particular. If I had to criticise anything, it would be that the drums are a little generic. Have you heard the song "Mother Puncher" by Mastodon? I think a similar drum idea would complement your guitar riffs well.
Look forward to hearin the rest :P
Thanks guys

I took influences from both genres so I dont know what you'dprefer me to call it :p
Thanks d3adh3adch3mist, I didnt put a great deal of thought into the drums but I guess I should :p