I am expecting shipment of the Fender TB-1200 head. I already have the ampeg svt4pro running the 810E cab. I plan on running the fender through an ampeg 610 cab. I don't see any problems doing so but could it be a better match with a Fender610pro cab or even 810pro ? This Fender has some features that aren't on the 4pro but I am more concered with match ups . I know at this level as long as you respect the ohms etc. I should be safe but I like to toss this up to the Forum for information ....thanks
It should be a good match with the Ampeg cabinet, but don't get carried away with the volume. If I'm not mistaken, that Ampeg 610 cabinet is rated at 600 watts at 4 ohms. The Fender head puts out 800 watts at 4 ohms, so if you overdo it you are going to fry some speakers. You would be better off going with a more powerful cabinet.

Whether the Fender cabinet(s) would be a better match is debatable. The Ampeg cabinets will certainly sound a bit different than the Fender cabinets, but you may decide you like the Ampeg sound better. Then again, you might not. Try them both if you can and see what sounds best to you.

That Fender TB-1200 is a very nice bass amplifier.
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Thanks for the comments,
I'm due to get the Fender amp tomorrow. . . .I don't have the 610 Ampeg yet but I respect what you said about the volume. With so much invested already why cut corners and possibly fry the speakers ......The best way might be to get the Fender 810 or at least a Fender 610. Reminds me of cars mismatching makes and parts ins't the best for a lot of reasons. Esp. re-sale value. Like you said the ampeg sound is different from the Fender . For now, I'll wait and re-group ....thanks again...............
That Fender 8x10 cabinet is one of the better ones out there. It sounds great and definitely moves a lot of air.

Enjoy the amp. God knows your neighbors won't.
I got the Fender 810 Pro today and its better built (as is the amp) than the Ampeg810E. With the Fender Head its a great fit. True , I can't turn it up much only a (3)gain and a (3) master Vol. but the amp has great features and it rivals the Ampeg 4-pro. Thanks again for your interest.... :