Ok, so I've been running sound for a while for a local, recently signed band named Unbroken. I've pretty much become best friends with the members over the last few years, and they've been constantly telling me that I needed to learn how to play the violin, because they needed a violinist and couldn't find out, and so that I could play with them and not just watch.

So last semester when I started college, I took a basic violin class. I was somewhat discouraged at our final... I hadn't practiced very much and I could barely keep up in most songs. I think this is partly do to the fact that I had barely looked at the music, it was second violin parts, and I didn't know how the carols were supposed to sound in the first place. So, I had figured it would be several more semesters of lessons before I could play with them any.

Somehow they talked me into bringing it to a practice.. and I got bored, so, while I was chilling out beside the stage, I started asking the kayboardist what chords she was playing so I could peice the songs together... It was so easy.. I literally had no problems because I had heard the music so much. I didn't even have trouble writing parts to go along with the music.

But now, I have a problem... The only violin I have is an accoustic rental from the college. We did an experament, using rubber bands to secure a large accoustic guitar pickup to the bottom of the instrument and hooking it up to a Fender tube amp, but obviously that wouldn't work out live. It sounded great, especially with reverb kicked up, but feedback was a major issue with or without effects.

So, my question is, should I go accoustic electric or electric. What sort of amp should I get. What sort of pedals. And, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to seemlessly incorporate the instrument into the new music? It's pretty much alt rock... ish.. Contemporary christian... something... Most of the time I will probably just follow the chords or play fifths of it.. When the lead is soloing, or playing an important lead part, should I try to write something to compliment it?
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go acoustic, and buy a violin pickup.
that's what our violinist does. works dandy. you might want to get a tube preamp or something, because you'll probably be going direct a whole lot.
I have no experience of amplifying violins infact the closest I have ever come to playing a violin is trying out the musical saw. However I will say this, I saw Steve Vai in concert a few years back and he was supported by two violinists. Both were electric, and I really hated the sound, so I would say stay with acoustic. Thinking back though, one of these violins was in the shape of a flying v so that couldn't have helped