Is it possible?

I was thinking maybe through the effects loop, but maybe the resistance doesn't match up and shit could get real?

Or am i just dreaming and should get a cabinet?

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I believe that if the head has a preamp in/out you might be able to use that, but I definitely wouldn't use the speaker outs as that would be very bad for the head (no load).
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Yea..... no.
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It wouldn't go in the effects loop: the combo's amp wouldn't be involved. If there is a speaker cable socket on the head that matches the combo's speakers' resistance, then you could plug the speakers into the head.
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Do NOT plug your guitar head into the guitar in on a combo. You will fry your amp. Running a signal into one preamp and poweramp of the head, and then again from the poweramp into another preamp is just asking for bad news.

I saw a thread a while back that described how to convert a combo amp into just a smallish speaker cab. I'd look into that. Do something like "combo amp to speaker cab conversion" in the forum searchbar. Outside of that
AS long as your speaker output is connected straight to the combo's speaker you're fine.

The FX send>return isn't a good idea as you'll be running the head without a load - well, running it for a minute or two before it goes up in smoke.