Hi guys. How is all?
Well, i had some time within i didnt uploaded something here, i've traveling a few so..
Now, im in my country again ready to work in some stuff again !

This is a song from a band called " Black Desert " i did uploaded some of their material. Im their productor, in a few months they'll record some songs for a DEMO, i will work in mixing, recording and mastering their stuff..

So, check this song. Is their last song hope you like guys, and please, comment something.
Eres La Razon - You Are The Reason.gp4
Eres La Razon - You Are The Reason.gp5
" Living the world as the music makes me feel "
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Thanks a lot Man. No, They'll recording with me and then they'll make the myspace. I will Upload more Material From Them
" Living the world as the music makes me feel "
Wow, this sounds alot better with the drums. Even though they use the cymbals way to often. Maybe it sounds better on the actual drumkit.

All in all a pretty catchy song. I really like the solo. With the right singer you'll have a really great song.

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At 27-34, the bass sounds good, but I'm not sure how well it will work out, the way it starts-and-stops so much; I guess you'll just have to wait and see how that works with vocals.

Most of the guitar-work is pretty simple, but the bass makes up for it in most cases.

At 82-83, add a little variation to the bass, so it isn't just repeating the same ascending pattern over and over.

Overall, as simple as it is, I think this piece could be pretty good with a decent vocal line.

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I'm not one against simple songs, but I do feel the guitar lines could have a bit more articulation.
The bass and drums do plenty of that, which is why I thought it was a bit strange that it was that the guitars only played 4 notes/chords.
It does sound like most Spanish pop-rock bands that I know of, which is neither good or bad.

The solo and leads in the conclusion is exactly the thing I'm talking about. There is a lack of upper mids and treble registry. Said parts satisfy those requirements.
It's not that you have to have all frequencies at all times, but it is nice to have a distinctive contrast.

I'll check out some of your other songs, especially the post-hardcore ones.
As of now, I would like you to take a look at this song:
Oh thanks to all .!!

Huevos --

Well, let me say to you.. that i have to update my firm xDD That songs are old man but its okay that you check it .. I will look at yours, thanks.
" Living the world as the music makes me feel "