OK, well I'm not 100% positive this is REALLY where this thread belongs, but I'm sorry if it pisses you off.


What songs do you think would be funny to cover? "Funny", for example would be like covering a really poppy song, and changing it into some kind of a metal version of it. A great example is The Vandals did a thrash cover of the song off Grease: Summer Lovin'.

Also, talk about funny EXISTING covers.

Okay, discuss!
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Bohemian Rhapsody in a metal version, with death growls and everything.

And talking about funny covers, Fred Durst and that guy from the Goo Goo Dolls did a cover of Wish You Were Here that was so horrendous it was funny.

Also, Sepultura once covered Bullet The Blue Sky by U2. It was weird.
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i hate to say another bodom one in sequence... but oops i did it again by children of bodom.... i lawled...

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Bohemian Rhapsody, the muppets version.
Yes, you heard me right. The muppets

Look it up
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If Raffi did a punk song

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anybody heard of richard cheese? he does awesome jazz covers of metal songs.
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I really hate metalcore versions of popular pop songs. We all get it, it's funny because you're doing metal vocals over a song that's played on the radio. It sounds awful and the novelty of it wears off after one or two listens.
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Well, I don't know about funny, but Poker Face by Of Mice And Men and I Kissed A Girl by Attack Attack were both very well done covers, imo. A lot of the songs on the "Punk Goes..." CD's are pretty good, really.

Oh, another one. Funny and awesome, Toxic by A Static Lullaby. I'm not really a fan of the band, but that particular cover was very well done. Tight instrumentation, very different but still a lot alike the original, and the vocals were hilarious. Very clever rendition of the original.

Note, I tend to like really shitty and mainstream screamo music, so everything I just said is likely to be disdained by everyone
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Bowling for Soup's version of London Bridge by Fergie. Long intro, but it's worth it.

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For my yr 12 arrangement, I turned Happy Birthday into a swing style. Its on my Profile if anyone wants to have a looksee.
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Children Of Bodom's Oops I Did It Again cover is good, but only hilarious when Alexi does that "yeyeyeyeye".
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I refer this thread to the band Ten Masked Men. They are awesome.
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a lot of the covers that me first and the gimme gimmes do are funny
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