Would anybody be able to point me in the direction of a few yoga-type stretches and stuff that would help for relaxation? I had a print-out of a few yoga-stretches that I did every morning for a few days, but I lost it, and was wondering if there were any things UG recommended, and if anyone else here does anything like this.

Also, to anyone who posts saying yoga is gay, nobody thinks you're funny, get over yourself.
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I'm gonna point you in the direction of this picture... http://ginavivinetto.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/sunsalutation.jpg

Some people find that energetic as opposed to relaxing but I find that if I put some rleaxing music on I can really get into the right head-space to relax very deeply.

Those were actually the same stretches as the print-out I had, this just isn't the same one. Thanks.
upward facing dog, downward facing dog, cobbler, goddess, warrior series are all good, also try sun salutation sequences. pretty sure these are the western names. good luck man :]