alright so im Daevian nice to meet you all. neways iv been playing bass for about hmmm two and a half years. im self taught, well other than just learning from the ppl iv jammed with and imitating. i'd say im extremely good for the amount of time iv been playing bass im no victor wooten or flea by no means but for my age group and stuff like that im good. im also kinda stuck in a rut creatively wise though. im to the point where all im catching myself doing when i get my bass is just messing around and making crappy riffs that sound kinda bluesy and funkish but this isn't what i want. i wanna get to where ppls jaws drop when i play. recently iv introduced myself to slap and pop, tapping, and pretty much every scale i could find but i just dnt feel as if im getting any better. im no longer makin awesome bass lines like i was six months ago. it all just sounds so bluesy and its getting old to me. for example i'll tab out something iv been playing since my six month of learning


i know if you play this right it just sounds so beautiful but it feels so dang easy. and since iv started playing slap iv added some new things to it but still i wanna be able to create something difficult to play something like the bass solo Anesthisia from Metallica. also iv learned that as well halfway the rest demands items i just dnt have at the moment. but still i mean i need help cuz i need to improve at all times. i HAVE to get to where i can contend with being one of the great bassists that bassists tell other beginners "hey if you wanna get good, ya gotta listen to this guy" my dreams may seem stupid to all of you but they're my dreams and nothings gonna stop me frm reaching them
anyways what im askin is if anyone has anyway i may get out of this creative rut or suggestions of what to learn to improve my creative skills on the bass and just all around skills on bass. i'd greatly appreciate it thank you.
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dude, my advice would be: keep playing a lot, but above all, enjoy it, seems to me that ur trying to hard and ur being too rational about it... if ur really good just 2 years after starting to play then u already have an advantage, imagine how good ud be 5 or 10 years from now...
i hope this helps u a bit....

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Maybe play some music that you wouldn't normally play?

If you play blues and funk, maybe try your hand at metal or ska or whatever, really. Something new

Mixing things up will definitely help
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What they said ^

Also you can't expect your writing skills to be like Anesthesia level yet (and i encourage you to aspire past such level for there is much better) but be patient and don't be so critical on yourself (there are others who are more than willing to be critical for you and even then don't let negative criticism bring you down.)

Give yourself time, I was in the exact same boat (like its a pretty similar story) about two and half years ago and the thing that helped me the most was branch out into other genres. I was a thrash head and I got into jazz, some prog, virtuoso stuff and even country.

In the end be patient and try some new stuff. The main thing is to keep at it, I didn't learn anything for a 6-12month period and i really regret not trying to work through it which is why i recommend you don't do the same
I would say try to branch out and play with as many people in different genres as possible so see what comes through to you. Sounds like you may have hit a plateau but keep playing through it. I've had a a lot of fun jumping between Jazz blues and Metal.
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play new genres it really helps a lot, Or maybe try a new instrument. Guitar? keyboards? ITs good to see music from all angles. Can you sing while you play? try doing that too. Get a 5/6 string. write in the enigmatic scale (pro shit. It was originally created as a challenge to see if anyone could make it sound good.)
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thanks guys these are all very good suggestions. i think my next goal is going to develop my slap bass technique. i really wanna improve on that seeing as how many great bassists use slap. and it opens up a wide array of diff. genres. if anyone else has suggestions plz post
Yep the guys above speak the truth... Above all remember to enjoy what you're doing...
And you've got the right attitude..
When I get bored of playing bass when trying to learn a song, I instead try to learn what the lead guitar is playing instead. It has definitely helped me with my fills and such, and helped me find out some other little tricks I otherwise wouldn't have learnt.
I'm going to be the small voice in a sea of self-teachers, but I highly recommend getting a teacher (insert no money/no time/some nonsensical thing about creativity/theory is the devil/some other lame or preposterous excuse). A teacher will help you reach that next level, but most of all they will provide guidance and structure to your learning, which may sound all school-y at first, but if you read your post that's all you're saying. You have improved a lot, you want to get better, you just don't necessarily know how to get there.