The nights begin to blend
With the words I'd like to think to say
And everyday gets shorter
Skewed by made up sympathy*

The chill outside is falling
Faster than any rain
Only a few more peices
Maybe the changes stay the same

Please Don't temper*
Because This is our winter*
But only*your December*
Your December, your december
And it's only getting better

The heavens are falling
Falling just for you
And every inch of that ideal place
is coming beautifully unglued

The words I've finally thought of
are waiting to be shoed
please help me, please help me
to fallow this beauty through

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When I saw that, I thought of musical notes.... my elementary school teachers taught them as "tee-tees" "ta-tas" and a bunch of other nonsense....
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This has potential.

The last stanza sounds a little forced though.

Its so fun to watch
The way the whip cracks
Down on every little laugh
Such beautiful reform

I mean, I'm not the author, but from what this appears to be, it doesn't seem to fit the rest of the song very well. Just my thoughts.

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Apart from the last stanza I liked it.
The chorus was my favourite part, except for the line "Please don't temper" It just didn't seem to be connected to the rest of the chorus in any plausible way for me. But there probably is a connection just not for me.
Now onto the last stanza, it doesn't really seem to be about Winter or December.
"It's so fun to watch" could work but not with the following 3 lines.

I should be posting up some new material soon enough so keep an eye out.