without even taking price into consideration, which amp sounds better?
i want something that is good for pop punk/hardcore music. and i havent played either but i want to buy one used.

thanks to everyone who helps
Apples and Oranges really

It depends on what sound you're going for. Since tone is so subjective tell us what bands you want to sound like and we can go from there

Edit: For Pop punk and hardcore the Dual Rec is probably going to be better because of it's versatility
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a day to remember had 3 5150s and 1 rectifier when i saw them. i think a 5150 would do best for their sound
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A Day to Remember uses a mixture of both Peavey 5150's and Mesa Rectifiers. Tone is subjective, whichever sounds better to you. I would also probably go with a Recitifer simply because of versatility, but with that being said, you'll be paying more (even used) for one as opposed to a 5150/6505 which can be found from approx $500 and up and I happen to prefer the tone of a 5150 to a Rectifier. They both have pro's and con's, but either one will get you in the ball park.
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For pop punk I'd go for a Marshall JCM900 and for hardcore (assuming you mean modern hardcore and not real hardcore like Black Flag and Minor Threat) I'd go with a 5150/6505.
i play a marshall jcm900 and im not very happy with its sound. i can only get a really bright sound with not enough gain. i want something that has good gain but still has power. not just crispy gain. and something thats brootal but not metal
How tight do you want your sound? Rectos aren't known for being too tight...
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id go with a recto, theyre tone is actually pretty tight and dead on, theyre just a bitch to eq, they arent like a normal amp, the sweet spot on a dual is a tad below half on your master, another trick alot of these bands do is switch el-34s in the duals and 5150s, stock sound though id choose the mesa, never was a fan of trying to eq that rythm channel for a clean tone
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what are some good cab options that are affordable?

How much is considered affordable? Plenty of options...Marshall, Mesa, Orange, Vader, Avatar, Engl, Hughes and Kettner, Basson, Randall, ect. ect.

Your best bet would be to look into Marshall, Mesa, or Avatar. Marshalls and the occasional Mesa cabinet can be found for 350-500 used.

If you go used and with the Rectifier, you'll be looking at approximately 1200-2000 for the whole shabang. Cheapest Rectifier head to be found are the Singles, which go for about 800-1000 used, followed closely by the occasional Dual Rectifier which can be found for around a grand, give or take of course. These are just estimates to put you in the ballpark of what you'll be looking at spending.
I think a modded 5150/6505 outdoes a Rec in nearly every way but that's just me (tone is subjective as has been said countless times).

However I was in the same boat as you a couple of months ago and after playing the two side by side the Peavey was way better to my ears. And that was stock, wait till you hear it with an overdrive, new tubes + bias mod and a nice cab.

Needless to say, my FJA modded 6505+ is one of the best amps I've ever heard.
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