So, during this month, I'm going to be ordering a new guitar offline. I heard through some people that this ESP LTD MH-1000 is on sale for only $500 USD. Now, this guitar looks amazing and I've heard it also plays amazing and that price is unbeatable.
Whilst searching Musician's Friend, I also came across this...
Now, the 1000 has Seymour Duncan's (JB/59) and the 401NT has a pair of EMG 81's.
I play mostly metal, so pickups need to be able to handle high gain well, along with drop tunings without sounding muddy.

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with either of these guitars, as both look fantastic for their price.
The 1000 runs for $500 USD, and the 401 runs for $550 USD.
I've basically decided I'm going to get one of these two.
I have a budget of around $500 USD, (It's not me paying, but a relative) and I'm just wondering which would be a better option.
Both have a lot of the features I was looking for in a guitar. The thing that gets me is I know the SD's are far more versatile, as I want to be able to get nice lead tones out of the guitar along with being able to have full nice cleans as well.. And the EMG's, well I've heard SO many mixed opinions of them. It's either love or hate with them. I've played EMG's and SD's before, I guess I like both pretty evenly, it's honestly tough to decide, and that's why I'm turning to you.

Please, check out the links to both guitars are compare them. Both are very nice, along with a killer look.
I'll be honest and say that the wood in a guitar doesn't really matter to me, my ear isn't trained enough to tell a tone difference from wood alone. Pickups and the amp are really the only things that change sound and tone enough for me to distinguish a definitive difference.
I wanted a guitar with a set neck, and both have it. The 401 has Grover tuners (Which I have come to love on a friend's guitar), and the 1000 has just ESP-designed tuners, though they are locking...
There's definitely pros and cons to each, and I really cannot decide between the two on my own.

A lot of you will most likely think that I just need to play them myself and try 'em both out, but there's only 2 guitar places around where I live and neither carry very many guitars. Maybe 30-40 in Guitar Center, and then a small wall of them at Daddy's Junky Music. Really no way of trying out myself

So I turn to you guys. I need good advice from people who either know a lot about these guitars, or people who own them/played them and have good experience.

I play mainly metal, but would like versatility for cleans and such. It needs to handle high-gain and drop-tunings well (Such as D standard, drop C, and C standard, I even sometimes go down to as low as drop A and B.)
I play through a Roland Cube 30x and use a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal.
I'm an intermediate player at best I'd honestly say.
My main guitar right now is an Epiphone SG Special, so you can see why I'm getting a new guitar. I also use a Ibanez AGS73B semi-hollow for cleans and lighter gain stuff (The guitar itself is incredible, but it doesn't suit what I really need for a main guitar, it was a gift, and I really won't complain because it's amazing for what it's meant for )
Anyways, please just tell me which I should go with.
ESP LTD MH-401NT (With EMG's, Grover tuners, etc..)
ESP LTD MH-1000 (Seymour Duncan's, ESP locking tuners, etc..)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, so thanks UG, I've gotten a lot of help from you already.
I dunno, iwould play before you buy.

I wonder what actives would sound like on a cube. Anyways i say get the 1000.jb/59 is a good combo.
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Quote by ChuggyMcBr00tlz
I dunno, iwould play before you buy.

I wonder what actives would sound like on a cube. Anyways i say get the 1000.jb/59 is a good combo.

That's what I've heard. I would love to try both of these out, extensively, but neither of the stores carry much more then Epiphone and Gibson, occasionally some Schecters.. Very small selection, and honestly it completely sucks.
i like the ESP tuners better than the grovers to be perfectly honest. you can adjust tension on them and they're so smooth to turn, they're locking and they havent ever given me any problems. they hold a tuning for about 5 days for me (but i play at least 2-4 hours a day on that guitar, so that's good i think)

i've played both of those guitars and they're pretty similar. about the only difference is finish and pickups that will be noticeable. the SDs can definately handle down tuned stuff. not sure about drop a but if you have the correct string tension i dont see why it wont do it. it shouldnt be that muddy but dont take my word on that. i've never tuned anything other than my guitar (EC 1000 with EMG 81/60) down that low.

my opinion though, go with the mh 1000. it should have better components in it, and if you dont like the sound of the SDs, there will be a tonne of people willing to buy those pickups so you wont loose much if you need to replace to EMGs.
Not going to read your huge wall of text, but the MH-1000 is the best guitar there in my opinion, I personally love it, if I wanted to buy a new 6 string, thats what I would buy, since I've played it every time I go up to my music store on a Fender Deville and I just love the thing, sounds great through a Peavy 6505 too, so it handles all generas with excellence. But that was with the ESP pickups in it, dont know about the SD's.
LTD MH-1000. Better build quality. You could always swap out the pickups if needed
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