Ive played this V3 for a few years now. The tubes have blown one time since i have had it and i replaced everything. I had to replace everything because it blew rather violently, taking the board with it. Essentially, i got a new amp.

The specs you can find at www.carvin.com, which even has videos. I did do a little bit of painting to the front of the amp to spruce it up. If you do not like it and are interested, i can arrange to remove it.

The cab is a 4x12 with casters. I also have a head cover with the amp; something i got when i bought the amp from a friend.

Im asking $700 because im flat broke and have no money, the honest truth. I will be playing through my dad's fender from here on out, using the newly modded DS-1 i have.

This truly is a great amp that keeps up with other amp makers such as Mesa, Orange, or Marshall but without the giant price.

whats your location, does it function properly, etc?

i just looked through a carvin catalogue the other day and i was really interested in these
Would you sell the head without the cab?
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