Inspired by the beauty of the Jiangxi province in southern China, I decided to write a song to capture the mood of what I feel.

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cool man. you did it justace. i love those paintings, just amazing. anyway, i liked the chimes kind of thing, and you captured that misty kind of majic feel. i did think it needed a lift though, some kind of almost chorus if you will, it sounded like it was stuck i thought. by the 2 min mark it needed a lift. the tempo picks up but i feel it needs something more. just my opinyon though. it dosent need one but might just add something more. anyways, great stuff man. i liked this.

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Very nice moods, and mixed well with your instruments. A very nice recording sound, and a great use of pans. Very professional. Nice guitar work all together, very good stuff.

I would recommend laying off the double bass sort of drumming, and some of the really shreddy type guitar work. Very nice and all but the feel of the earlier part is the best I think.
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